Wellbeing Quality Mark

The MHFA Wales Wellbeing Quality Mark celebrates any type of organisation in Wales that commits to taking mental health and wellbeing seriously and taking steps to show it.

The Wellbeing Quality Mark is for all workplaces, organisations, institutions, and community groups throughout Wales to show their commitment towards making positive changes to improve mental health in Wales.

With this incentive, we hope to help these groups achieve their goals regarding their commitment to improving the mental health of those in Wales, and award them with a mark of recognition for their efforts.

There are a range of actions to which a group can commit in order to attain one of the 3 tiers of awards – either Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Actions are focussed on improving attitudes towards mental health, dispelling stigma, providing support, and education.

Benefits of the Wellbeing Quality Mark:

You will receive badges, a certificate, and mention on the MHFA Wales website.

It will show your commitment to the wellbeing of your staff, customers, members, etc.

You will be joining a community of likeminded organisation making a difference to attitudes towards mental health in Wales.

For more information:

Speak to your MHFA instructor

or Download the information page here.

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