What we do

Training Course

MHFA Wales develop and deliver high quality, research and evidence based mental health training. We hold the license for Mental Health First Aid in Wales and directly train, license and support all instructors who deliver who deliver MHFA in Wales.

As well as offering a number of training courses that support the well-being of our communities, we provide:

  1. Highquality independent advocacy
  2. Counselling
  3. Policy consultation
  4. Relevant Persons Representative service
  5. Litigation Friend service

Why train with us?

As the license holder of MHFA in Wales, we ensure all training we develop and deliver is of the highest quality. We can guarantee safe, engaging, and adaptive training for anyone who needs it.

Training is essential to equip people with tools, understanding and confidence to deal with all kinds of mental ill-health and well being issues. Given the current climate in the UK surrounding mental health, the likelihood of encountering issues both personally, and professionally is almost guaranteed. With this in mind we are determined to challenge stigma and empower people to support those who need it by means of education and taking the fear out of openly talking about mental health.

Mental Health First Aid Wales is a wholly owned trading subsidiary of Torfaen and Blaenau Gwent Mind, a registered charity situated in Wales.
As license holders of the internationally recognised Mental Health First Aid program in Wales since 2016, we are set up to ensure the sustainability of Torfaen and Blaenau Gwent Mind. The aim of both organisations is to provide services that support the wellbeing of individuals and communities across Wales.