Why Corporate Companies Should Invest in Mental Health First Aid

The COVID-19 pandemic has left an impact on our lives, especially concerning mental health issues. As a result, getting back to “normality” and returning to places such as the office on a full-time basis has been challenging for some. For employers, trying to meet the increased demand from customers and clients can be a difficult one to balance alongside the wellbeing and mental health of employees.

So, what can companies do to help employees that might be suffering with their mental health in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic? Investing in mental health first aid will ensure that your employees’ wellbeing and mental health are cared for and maintained during the highs and lows of corporate life.


Wellbeing and Mental Health Post Pandemic

Even before the pandemic, we had all experienced at some point in our lives feelings of anxiety or depression.

However, a report from the UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS) found that during peaks in the pandemic and tightening government restrictions, the number of adults aged over 18 reporting clinical levels of psychological distress significantly increased.

As well as this, the charity Mind also found that 65% of the adults they surveyed who already had mental health issues said their wellbeing had worsened since the pandemic began. The biggest contributor to people’s diminishing wellbeing was found to be feelings of loneliness and a lack of personal contact.

However, just because we seem to be returning to our pre-pandemic lifestyles this doesn’t mean that those who were suffering still don’t continue to suffer. Maintaining your own and your employees’ wellbeing post-pandemic is just as important as it was during the pandemic.


The Risks of Ignoring Employee Mental Health

You might be wondering why looking after your employees’ wellbeing and mental health is of such great importance. Well, as with ignoring any health issue, whether physical or psychological, some consequences are bound to follow that will greatly affect the person suffering.

Here are just some of the symptoms and experiences of ignoring your wellbeing:

  • Physical pain
  • Broken relationships
  • Deterioration of health and wellbeing
  • Tiredness and lack of motivation
  • Career or work issues


These are the harsh realities which is why it’s highly recommended and worthwhile to invest in your wellbeing and mental health policies, processes, and training. Ignoring these elements could, in turn, negatively affect your business in a number of ways:

  • Increased absences
  • Quality of work can decrease
  • Lack of company and employee morale
  • Poor employee retention


Investing in the wellbeing and mental health of employees not only to avoids the negative impacts listed above, but also ensures employees are taken care of and feel that work can be a safe space.


The Benefits of Mental Health First Aid

The average person spends about one third of their life at work, so it’s very important to make your company feel welcoming and open to discussions of wellbeing and mental health. And we can help with this.

Here at Mental Health First Aid Wales, our vision is to develop and deliver high-quality research and evidence-based mental health training, all in order to improve the mental health of the nation. As well as our training courses, we also offer:

  • High-quality independent advocacy
  • Counselling
  • Relevant Persons Representative service
  • Litigation Friend service


Our services help to raise awareness of wellbeing and mental health in environments such as corporate offices. We also increase our trainees’ knowledge, skills, and confidence to enable them to step into situations and identify the signs of poor wellbeing or mental health.

We want to transform how workplaces think and deal with wellbeing and mental health issues among their employees. Mental health is just as important as physical health, yet only 12% of UK adults seek mental health treatment if they are suffering. If you had a broken arm or a swollen ankle, you would go to the hospital or visit your local GP, but many do not treat their mental health in the same way, and we want to change this.

We believe that mental health first aid training is the answer to changing this stigma; utilising mental health first aid training in the workplace will ensure that your employees know that the option and opportunity is there for them to speak to someone if they need support. In our 12-year history, we have worked with thousands of companies across the UK, from small businesses to large corporations, such as Money Supermarket, Deloitte, and Principality. These companies have seen and experienced the benefits that come from investing in employee wellbeing and mental health, from increased productivity and work quality to improved employee health and happiness. And in turn, by investing in your employees’ wellbeing and mental health, the positive ripples of this action will reach employees’ families, friends, clients, customers, and everyone that they interact with. We believe that a focus on wellbeing and mental health is the future of business development and can create a significate impact on corporate workplaces and their culture.


How to Become Trained in Mental Health First Aid

Investing in Mental Health First Aid training is one of the best ways to ensure your employees’ wellbeing and mental health is maintained to a high level. We continue to show companies that a successful business can also be a happy, healthy, and productive one.

Mental Health First Aid training is essential to equip people with the tools, understanding, and confidence to deal with the wellbeing and mental health issues that we are very likely to encounter both personally and professionally. With this in mind, we are determined to challenge stigma and empower people to support those who need it by utilising education around wellbeing and mental health.

To find out more about us, the types of training we provide, or book a course through one of our licensed instructors, visit our website and invest in your employees’ wellbeing and mental health.

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