Ellender Wildey

About Me

As a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, I have the expertise to arm many others with the skills, knowledge and confidence to step into situations and help those in need. By teaching how to provide first aid for mental health to change and save lives. To help others to recognise the signs, to open their eyes to the struggles and vulnerability of people who deserve to be heard and supported in the workplace, communities or at home.

Throughout my life, compassion and empathy for other people has been of utmost importance to me. I have continually found myself drawn to the needs of people at their most vulnerable, because I know what it feels like when you are totally vulnerable and having someone to help can make the difference sometimes between life and death. To step in and make a difference, to witness the positive changes that can be made when a battle is not fought alone. Standing shoulder to shoulder with someone, to give hope, to reassure, must be one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. This is a mix of nature and nurture; it is both my personality and my own lived experiences of trauma and subsequent mental health challenges.

I am experienced in delivering MHFA training to safety critical industries, including transport companies.

I currently deliver the online training courses only, therefore I am able to cover all areas of Wales.

Contact me to discuss your training requirements and book your course.

Course type: Online Adult MHFA, Online Youth MHFA, , ,
Area of Wales: Mid Wales, South Wales, West Wales, North Wales
Email: [email protected] Telephone: 07853 972035 Website: https://www.empathywales.co.uk